Information for International Students

Dear international students,

We, the Student Council of Mathematics, would like to welcome you to Saarland University.

Here is some brief information about us:

The student council consists of elected students who are voted into office in an annual election. We organise various events such as monthly game nights, a Christmas party and the summer party with the Computer Science Student Council. We also represent the students in various faculty committees.

To give you a good start to the Master’s programm, we offer you an orientation session on request, where you can find out about the modalities of the Master’s programm and we also offer a campus tour. If you are interested, you can send us an e-mail.

Here you can find a list of important links:

Important links
Homepage of the Mathematics Department
Homepage of the Student Council of Mathematics
Homepage of the examination office MINT
UdS Card
CMS (a lot of lectured are organised here)

Here you get some information about study and Examination regulations: